A Spell to Ward Your House

Warding or protecting is as individual as most anything is. This is one way to do it.

GrannyMoon's Morning Feast


Helpful when moving into a new space, on occasions when things just don’t feel quite right, or as an infrequent protective boost.

Using an elemental elixir*, paint a three inch horizontal line above windows, and a five point star above doors, chimneys, and other openings.  Begin the spell at the topmost floor of your house, and end with the door or entry that you use most often.  As you work the spell, you can chant the following to help you focus your intention.

This is my home
Here I rule
This is my space
Here you are mine
Neither harm nor hurt
Shall enter here
Now, or forever more

*To make the elemental elixir:

We’re not usually big on vagueness, but because this really needs to be specifically tailored to you, we don’t feel it’s right to dictate which specific plants or oils to use for this working.  Additionally, there…

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Ostara is Right Around the Corner

I would also add that now is a good time to do a cleansing spell and to begin planning your garden.

Cottage Witch Magick


For most of us, it is hard to believe that underneath all that snow, Ostara, the Spring Equinox, is just around the corner. This year it falls on March 20 and I can not wait! I am not someone who loves the cold dark months of winter and Ostara means those warm sunny days will soon be here to stay.

Eostre is the Goddess of Spring, rebirth, fertility, and of the dawn. Our ancestors celebrated her and the change of the newseason with eggs, rabbits and spring flowers. Decades later this holiday was picked up by the Christians to become Easter. I dare you to tell a devout Christian that! Oh the debates I have been in over all of the Christian Holidays. The two holidays are celebrated in much the same way which means on many years, we pagans, get to celebrate twice; once with our pagan families and…

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Wife of Wiccan Priest Recounts Religious Discrimination

Another example at how the road is long.



This article originally appeared on Patheos.

I think most of us start out in our interfaith work with the expectation that our work will proceed smoothly and that we will find tolerance and acceptance in our relations with those of other faiths. And for the most part that is probably the case. At least those with whom we work are willing to respect those of other faiths than their own, and even offer their cooperation and support in projects that are aimed at improving their communities.

But sometimes our best intentions go awry and we find ourselves in confrontational situations where the concept of interfaith and respect for the religious rights of others breaks down. What one decides to do in that situation may have a lasting impact and needs to be approached thoughtfully and as calmly as possible.

Such a situation has arisen in my own life and…

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