Why Witches on TV Spell Trouble in Real Life

I have to admit – this blog post about this topic does feel like it could have gone through one more draft. I also feel like it would have been a better post to explore this alleged phenomenon through proliferation of superheroes and the supernatural tv shows up and down the dial. Also would have been nice to get the perspective of actual practitioners of witchcraft.


The witch is back.

In books and films, on stage and on TV, interest in witchcraft is brewing—to a degree that rivals 17th-century Salem’s hysteria about the topic. On the big screen, Angelina Jolie made a bad witch look so good that her Maleficent performance inspired this year’s top Halloween costume for women. The small screen has lately featured a similarly enchanting cast of supernatural characters. Last season on FX, the descendants of Salem witches ran a New Orleans boarding school — a sort of black-magic Hogwarts — in American Horror Story: Coven. On Lifetime, modern-day witches court soapy drama, centered on love triangles and revenge, in Witches of East End. On WGN, historical figures live again in Salem, this time with real magical powers. And there are rumors that a period drama about the witch trials might be in the works at HBO.

In the stage…

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