Saint Anastasia Escrava


Saint Anastasia Escrava

Anastasia, holy Anastasia,

You who were borne by Yemenja, our mother,

Give us the strength to struggle each day

So we may never become slaves,

So that, like you, we may be rebellious creatures

May it be so. Amen

The above is an image of Brazilian folk saint Escrava Anastacia

(Anastacia theSlave), the daughter of an African princess in colonial Brazil who was reputed to work miracles and be a model of virtue in her own lifetime.

Renowned for her beauty and her beautiful blue eyes, she is said to have often exclaimed, “eu não sou escrava” (I am not a slave).

The popular image is of her muzzled with an iron mask which many believe was a punishment for the refusal of her master’s sexual advances.

She more than likely died of gangrene from wearing that mask, and is said to have forgiven her oppressors before her death.

(via forbrowngirls)